Lil Dragons ages 4 & 5

This program is especially designed for this fabulous age group.  Not only will your children learn karate skills, they will also learn when and were they MAY have to use their karate, along with life skills such as manners, 911 education, stranger awareness and anger management.

Your Lil Dragon's progress will be based on attendance.  Every 5th class they will receive a stripe on their belt to celebrate the previous 4 classes attended.  When they are eligible to receive the 5th stripe, they will instead be promoted to their next belt. 

The promotions almost always take place at 4:30 pm on the 2nd Friday of the month.  The promotions are an opportunity for your Lil Dragon to show you, your family and friends what they've learned.  Bring your camera! 

As soon as your Lil Dragon turns 6, he/she will join the regular beginner program.

Club Karate is owned and operated by Chuck Elias, 8th Degree Chuck Norris System Black Belt. 

Master Elias received his Black Belt in 1983 and in 1988 opened Club Karate  in Port Royal, SC.  In 1998 he quit his day job to pursue his passion for teaching the martial arts full time.  

Master Elias currently serves on the Region 7 Board, he is the UFAF ITC Tournament Director, and is a coach for Chuck Norris' Team Chun Kuk Do™.

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Beginners 6 and Up

This is the start of a fantastic journey into the physical, emotional, and confidence-building benefits the martial arts provide. 

You will be studying the Chuck Norris System.  This well-rounded style was founded by Chuck Norris, who continues to oversee the United Fighting Arts Federation, which is the organization that governs the Chuck Norris System. 

Anyone and everyone can participate and benefit training in the Chuck Norris System.  You will attend two classes per week.  The kids program includes stranger awareness training, when and where the use of martial arts is appropriate and how to deal with bullies all while learning karate skills. 

We at Club Karate emphasize the basics, providing a solid foundation with which to successfully grow in the Chuck Norris System.